5 Breastfeeding Fashion Trends In 2020

One of the exciting things about being pregnant is shopping for maternity clothes, preparing for the ever growing “bump.” And once baby arrives, many moms have a new herculean task to update their wardrobe to embrace their postpartum body and consider breastfeeding accessibility.

It can be quite an ordeal to find nursing friendly clothes that are stylish, comfortable and that still allow you to feel like you after giving birth. It may not seem like a big deal, but after your body goes through the incredible journey of having a baby, emotions can be heightened and your body may not look as familiar to you. Feeling good in what you are wearing can be extremely important for the postpartum mom, and after all momma, you deserve to look and feel amazing!

The good news is that finding trendy nursing friendly clothes for breastfeeding moms has become a lot easier as we’ve highlighted a few chic 2020 fashion trends. Here are some fashion musts that you should look out for if you are planning to breastfeed or pump.

1. Wrap Dresses 

One of the most comfortable yet chic fashion trends for breastfeeding mothers is the wrap dress. The best thing about a wrap dress is that it fits your body to how you intend it to be i.e. perfectly! Since you yourself decide where to tie the knot, they never become ‘too tight’ or ‘too loose’ for you. You can simply open up the knot and voila, boobs!

Summer Fun Wrap Dress

2. Buttoned Down Shirts 

A top fashion trend when it comes to nursing clothes for breastfeeding moms that actually never go out of style! Especially if you are a working mom, a buttoned-down shirt is the most comfortable piece of clothing you can wear. Just open up a few buttons and that’s it, you and your baby are good to go! Pick softer fabrics and try to go for an oversize look to make the process more comfortable for both of you. What’s more is that you can easily pair a button down shirt with stylish leggings for a comfortable yet business chic look. 

24/7 Blouse 

3. Tops and Dresses with Zippers 

This is definitely a preferred style when it comes to breastfeeding fashion. Discreet, ‘hardy visible’ zippers stitched on the side or in front allows easy access to mommy’s breasts without letting her compromise on her style quotient. These days the placement of zipper(s) is also done in a way that the zipper is pretty much visible but instead of being ‘discreet’, it looks extremely stylish and further adds to the overall look and feel of the apparel. 


Floral Fun Shirt

4. Loose Cardigans and Hoodies

 If you are looking for fashionable winter wear nursing clothes for breastfeeding moms, loose cardigans and hoodies over a cami top are two wonderful options that you should definitely explore. They give easy access for nursing and if the colour, fit and accessories are on-point, you can create an effortlessly glamorous look with these clothing options. 

Willow Grey Hoodie

5. Cross Over Flaps 

This new trend is slowly becoming everyone’s favourite! Cross-over dresses and tops come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. They allow easy access for nursing and they look very elegant. Cross-over flaps even come in swimwear designs these days. 

Stripingly Sophisticated Shirt


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Lots of love to you and your little ones.

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