5 Savoury Lactation Ingredients & Recipes

It is really quite incredible what the female body can do. After all, we can grow a little human bean inside of us and our body knows what to do and how to work to bring that little bean into the world. Lactation is another wonder of the female body. It all seems quite simple, but it is not. How and what we eat affects the human body in general, but certain things we eat can help to support lactation supply.  

We wanted to provide some awesome lactation recipes (besides the highly popular lactation cookie trend) that were more savoury than sweet! Some of these ingredients may surprise you! Feel free to check them out. We promise they will not disappoint.

1. Mrs. Patel's Munch Crunch

We came across Mrs. Patel's Instagram page and and just had to share. This is not so much of a specific recipe, but a power sprinkle to compliment many items. Mrs. Patel’s munch crunch mix provides lactation and digestion support. It is a vegan- friendly mix that includes antioxidants, omega-3 fats, dill and fennel seeds, and turmeric. Sprinkle it on yogurt, vegetables, soups, oatmeal, smoothies and salads; whatever you like really! 

These light and breezy summer soups might be a great base for Mrs. Patel’s Munch Crunch.

Carrot and Ginger Soup Recipe from SkinnyTaste

Spicy Pepper and tomato soup with cucumber yogurt from BBC Good Food

2. Fenugreek Greens on Toast


Have you ever heard of it? If no, that is okay. Fenugreek is a herb and is primarily used in seed form, power or leaves. 

It is certainly making its rounds in the breastfeeding community though. Some moms say it works, others say it doesn't. In a recent study, results showed that 122 women who participated showed an increase in milk supply. 

Researchers think that the increase in breast milk supply could be because of fenugreek’s phytoestrogens which are estrogen-like plant chemicals. Some other benefits of fenugreek include the support reducing the risks of: cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, inflammation and much more. One thing to note is that consuming compounds in fenugreek could cause potential risk of uterine contractions during pregnancy or worsen hormone-sensitive types of cancer, so be sure to check with your physician if it’s the right herbal treatment for you.

We came across a delicious and simple recipe from Easy Food Smith: Fenugreek greens on toast. A perfect snack during those cluster feeds. Fenugreek greens, sweet corn, peas, bruschetta, cumin seeds, yum!

Check out the full recipe here. 


3. Popcorn with Sweet Pepper Flaxseed 


Photo by Megha Mangal from Pexels

Did you know that flaxseed has many health benefits? Flaxseed can help to reduce cholesterol, help with arthritis, improve blood sugar, help with hot flashes and prevent constipation (just to name a few). 

And according to the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI) flaxseed oil can help to increase the content of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) content of breast milk. 

So what does that mean? It means that studies haven’t directly proven or disproven that it can boost milk supply but flaxseed is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), DHAs and phytoestrogens, which are all essential in a baby’s growth.

If you are breastfeeding, maintaining a healthy diet is important for mom and baby. Popcorn is a delicious and healthy snack option. Instead of grabbing a cookie, try a lighter, fluffy cloud option and top it off with some flaxseed.

Check out Flaxy Sweet Pepper Organic’s flaxseed mix to top off your popcorn snack. Simple, tasty, easy and delicious -- and importantly -- guilt-free! 

4. Fennel and Roasted Chicken


Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Who loves fennel? We do! 

Fennel is a spiced herb that is commonly used in daily cooking or as a treatment for digestive or menstrual issues. Did you know that it is also used to stimulate and increase breast milk production in breastfeeding women? 

Some label fennel as a galactagogue, which is a substance that can promote lactation, hence bringing more breast milk. It’s often used by breastfeeding mothers as an herbal treatment to support the supply of their breast milk production. 

It’s important for mamas out there to also be getting a healthy amount of protein. We like chicken because it’s lean and versatile. We chose a simple and super tasty recipe from Martha Stewart that has roast chicken and a whole whack of fennel!

Check out this Fennel and Roasted Chicken recipe by Martha Stewart.


5. Lactation Oatmeal (Brewers Yeast)

Photo by Alexander Mils from Pexels

Oatmeal is a breakfast staple in every household. It is also a popular choice to support breastfeeding mamas out there! Oats can help moms make more milk and they’re packed with nutrition. Whole grain is a great source of iron (½ cup of dry oats has almost 2mg of iron, which is a fifth of what’s recommended daily for breastfeeding moms) and they also have small levels of mineral that inhibits milk supply. We recommend opting for old-fashioned oats (instead of the quick variety). 

The recipe we chose uses Brewer’s Yeast. Did you know that Brewer’s Yeast is actually a by-product from the beverage industry and so it’s sustainable?

It is packed with fibre, vitamins, iron and protein. It supports daily energy production and so we recommend having it for breakfast as it will let you start your day off strong, with a hearty meal that gives your body and health a boost. It has traditionally been used for breast milk supply.

Brewer’s Yeast has a lot of benefits and we picked out a few that are specific for breastfeeding mothers. Brewer’s Yeast aids healing. It contains a high amount of biotin, which can help damaged tissue regenerate faster. Biotin is also the superstar component in beauty supplements that support the strengthening of hair, skin and nails, helping with their hydration and texture! Beauty from inside out, what’s not to love?

Since Brewer’s Yeast boosts your energy, it actually can support our focus and concentration, helping with our efficiency in day to day tasks. It is also proven to improve mood. We think it’s a great option to work into your breakfast routine to enhance your overall well-being.

Check out this tasty recipe by Cocina Monologues here. 

Pro-tip: you can add some ground flaxseed to add an extra boost of fibre and essential Omega-3s.

Hope you enjoyed the handpicked recipes, keep the milk flowing, mamas!

For other nursing content, check out Social Latch’s blog.

Lots of love to you and your little ones xox.


*Disclaimer: Social Latch & Co. has curated recipes based on research and findings (lactation related). We are not scientists, lactation consultants, dietitians or medical professionals. This information does not take the place of a lactation consultant professional advice or a nutritionist. 


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